Centre Grinding Machines

Vertical Centre Grinding Machines

Double-sided horizontal Centre Grinding Machines

Horizontal Centre Grinding Units

The center as the be-all and end-all!
If turning parts have to be ground they are clamped between centers.
The axis of the part is defined by the live centers.
Accurate round center holes on both sides ensure a position with high repeat accuracy on the live centers.
Therefore at least position errors can be corrected.
  • The centre hole is the basis for all the following cylindrical grinding operations and the deciding factor for the quality of the complete workpiece.
  • Inherent workpiece errors such as out-of-roundness, misaligned centres, incorrect angles ( too large ot too small ) and surface finish roughness caused byprior chip removal or hardening operations can be corrected.
  • The scrap level incidence in production runs is significantly reduced by the improved repeatability of ground centres.

Our product range consists of numerous Centre-Grinding-Machines, which meet all our customers requirements. For machining difficult work pieces we are able to offer special designs.

We are available for individual product solutions.
We look forward to the dialogue!

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